iphone apps Mobile App Development

I have developed many iOS apps and believe all of them are something you would find useful. Checkout all of my apps I have available for you to download and use on your mobile phone or your iPad

Affirmations Quotes Affirmations Quote app
I believe affirmations quotes can make a huge difference in your life to improve it. I know just by putting your mind in the proper place you can and will achieve many things you want for your life. This app has over 1,200 Inspirational Quotes, 12 Awesome Quote Categories, 60 Beautiful Background Themes, Widgets Updated Every 30 Mins and Daily Notification Quotes.

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Breathing exercises Awesome Breathing Exercises
Breathing exercises have really helped me reduce my stress and I decided to create a new iOS app for it. This app has the very popular breathing exercise including Box, 478, and Ujjay1. You can also set three customer intervals with the times for Inhales, Exhales, Holds, End Holds and Cycles.

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Mood, Water, & Weight Tracker  
I wanted a good way to easily track my moods many times daily, and my water that I drank and weight.

An awesome unique mobile app which you can track for moods, water ounces that you drank daily and your weight. This app can help you track items which can help you.

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WordSearch Games Word Search Game
Here is a Word Search iPhone & iPad iOS game. It’s allot of fun to play and has thousand of unique words to search and 44 game categories. This game can help you reducing stress and improve your mind.

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Mindfulness Mindfulness U
Learn about Mindfulness with my free app. It’s available for the iOS platform.

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Love Stickers
Send text messages of love with the Love Stickers messaging app.

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